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DC Deep Dive Year One: 1956 Part 1

DC Deep Dive Year One: 1956 Part 1

November 14, 2021

Brand new show, brand new us! Welcome to the first DC Deep Dive, the show where we read the most important comics from a given year, and then kvetch about them. In this episode, we read the following comics 


Batman #97, Superman #103, Batman #99, Detective Comics #230, Adventure Comics #229. 


Next episode's reading list: 


Detective Comics #233, Superman #106, Showcase #4, Detective Comics #235, Batman #100. 


If you want to be included in this reading club, please email therodsquad22@gmail.com. We are thinking of creating a discord where we can discuss further within  community. 

Disney Rewind Episode 10: Coco

Disney Rewind Episode 10: Coco

March 29, 2021

Episode 10 Coco, in which we discuss the moral ramification of statue movement, mom goes off on a horrifying tangent, family, loss, and tons of other happy things. 


Ash 10, Max 10, Ben 9, Mom 10, Dad 9. Avg: 9.6/10 

Next Episode: ??? (Listen to find out) 



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Social Media!

Social Media!

December 1, 2020

Wonder how you can reach us?? 

Email: Therodsquad22@gmail.com

Twitter: @BenVlam

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheSerlingSquad

Send us requests. We will review anything (okay almost everything). 

Disney Rewind Episode 9: The Black Hole

Disney Rewind Episode 9: The Black Hole

November 19, 2020

Episode 9 Black Hole, in which we discuss bad science, listen to Steve pitch another terrible movie idea, talk about Max's love for robots, and really just roast a terrible movie for a good bit of time. Oh, also Ben says some stupid stuff again. That's just a given on these shows though. 

Ratings: Ash 3.5, Max 2, Ben 3, Mom .3, Dad 5. Avg: 2.76/10 

Next Weeks Show: Coco (Season 2 Finale). 


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Disney Rewind Episode 8: Finding Nemo

Disney Rewind Episode 8: Finding Nemo

October 13, 2020

Episode 8: Finding Nemo in which Mom makes another lewd reference, we talk about our favorite fish and the best places to live in the ocean, and Ben gets mocked over not loving the music. All this and more... on Disney Rewind 

Ratings: Ash 9.5, Max 9.5, Ben 9, Mom 10, Dad 9.7. Avg: 9.5/10 


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Disney Rewind Episode 7: The Sword In The Stone

Disney Rewind Episode 7: The Sword In The Stone

September 27, 2020

Oh yeah, we are back. 

Disney Rewind returns with the first of many episodes. I've prerecorded a ton, just need to edit and juggle that with school.

Who cares about that though, we are here for Disney Rewind. 

Episode 7: The Sword In The Stone where we get political (shocker), talk about the historical inaccuracies of this film, and discuss why in gods name that Wart had 3 voice actors. THREE. Also I make a really stupid comment about freshwater fish. Like legendarily dumb. 

Ratings: Ash 1.5, Max 4, Ben 2, Mom 1.5, Dad 2.5, Avg: 2.3/10


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Tiny Dots Episode 2: Eason and Mikey

Tiny Dots Episode 2: Eason and Mikey

July 26, 2020

We are back with another Tiny Dots, this time featuring my two best pals, Eason and Mikey. Please note this was recorded in December/January, pre COVID, so any plans mentioned either happened before COVID, or was cancelled due to it. I just don't want anyone thinking we here at Tiny Dots don't take this stuff seriously, wear a mask. 


Eason and Mikey are more than just my best friends, they are also accomplished hearthstone players, behind the scene wizards when it comes to theatrical performances, and just good people in general. Listen to us discuss the topic of: Games. 



Disney Rewind Episode 6: Onward

Disney Rewind Episode 6: Onward

June 10, 2020

Episode 6: Onward in which we debut another zany segment, talk about re-watchability, human connection, the dead horse from The Never Ending story, and a deleted scene. 

Ratings: Ash 7.5, Max 9, Ben 8, Mom 8, Dad 7. Avg: 7.9/10 


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Disney Rewind Episode 5: The Black Cauldron

Disney Rewind Episode 5: The Black Cauldron

June 6, 2020

Episode 5: Black Cauldron in which we discuss the heroes journey, when audiences are going to be ready for this movie, our first movies,  when a children's show can get dark and the time that Max and I tried to actually kill each other. 

Ratings: Ash 3, Max 3.5, Ben 4, Mom .5, Dad 1. Avg: 2.4/10 


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Disney Rewind Episode 4: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Disney Rewind Episode 4: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

June 1, 2020

Episode 4 of Disney rewind in which the gang talks about cancel culture, the life and times of Bob Hoskins (Okay, it's just gushing about the Mario Bros movie), Whether kids shows are growing too soft, and how easy it is for Max to be entertained 


Ratings: Ash 7, Max 2, Ben 8, Mom 6, Steve 9.7. Avg: 6.5/10 



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