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Episode 20: Jesse-Belle.

Episode 20: Jesse-Belle.

October 27, 2018

Episode 20: Jesse-Belle in which we discuss gender stereotypes in the south, retiring a old bit, the birth of a new segment, and what makes a twilight zone babe... a babe. 

Rating: Connor 8, Kory 4.5, Ben 7, Ashley 5, Jamie 6. Avg: 6.1/10 

Opening Music: Jolene - Dolly Parton.  

Episode 19: From Agnes With Love

Episode 19: From Agnes With Love

October 9, 2018

Episode 19: From Agnes With Love in which we see how spicy we can get before our pg rating is taken away, we discuss Ben's internet woes, why Rod Serling isnt a feminist, the horrors of incels, and the return of Kory Arnold, somehow guessing twists. 

Rating: Connor 7, Kory 7, Ben 4, Ashley 3, Tabitha 7, Jamie 4, Avg: 5.3/10 

Opening Music: Hello World - Louie Zheng 

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